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Goal Setting

Smart Goal Setting John Lark NSCA-CPT - Do you find yourself going to the gym in fits and starts? More than likely you don't have focus when you get there. Set yourself some goals with this handy strategy

Smarter Goal Setting John Lark NSCA-CPT - In continuation from last week's goal setting article, John explores some furhter tricks to keep you on the straight and narrow

How to set goals and actually deliver results! - Part 1 - we look at easy ways of sticking to your goals and using momentum to acheive them

How to set goals and actually deliver results! -Part II - Part II of this featured article

Weight Loss

Unlocking the door to Long Term Weight Loss John Lark NSCA-CPT - the first in our three part series on long term weight loss

Unlocking the Door to Long Term Weight Loss - Part II John Lark NSCA-CPT - flogging your guts out on the treadmill and not getting anywhere? John looks at why you may not be getting the results you need.

Unlocking toor to Long Term Weight Loss Part III John Lark NSCA-CPT -This may be it! We take a look at nutrition this week and focus our efforts on what goes into the engine!

The Twenty Minute Fat Burner Solution - 20 minutes three times a week to a leaner body

Small Steps - Ever wanted to jog or run comfortably? Here is a programme to show you how

3 Steps to Avoid Lower Back Pain - sick of that niggling back pain? A daily 5 minute series of stretches to avoid lower back pain

Collars and Cuffs - Essential information on how to treat your shoulder with the respect it deserves. THE exercises to perform to prevent injury and strengthen the joint beyond belief

Child's Play - a look at what parents can do to fight the child obesity epidemic

Choosing the right Gym - We offer 5 top tips to make sure you bust through the marketing hype and reach your goals quickly.

Better Abs! - FHS look at how we can maximise our abdominal training!

The Ultimate Short-But-Sweet Workout - 20 minute, no fuss, no equipment!

NEW !! Herbs for Sport - The top 2 herbs essential for sporting performance and recovery. Daphne Benjamin gives us her view on a more naturalistic approach to healing sporting injuries with herbs that you can even grow yourself. Unlimited anti-infammatory drugs!

Tips for the Supermarket - how to keep optimum nutrition on the go with some handy hints from Daphne Benjamin, medical herbalist and allergy therapist since 1987. Organic eating made cheap and on!

You are what you eat? - what are we made of?

Hydration and Performance -Barry Smith answers your questions on what to drink to help give you the edge in performance

How much Vitamin C? - A Look at how the recomended guidelines maybe a little understated