"...in my opinion he has truly saved my life and in so doing given me a renewed zest for a life that I thought I had left behind..."

"Personal training where personal is the active word - you really know you are receiving a programme tailored just to you!"

"...I have been in 4 or 5 gyms and I have never gotten as good an explanation for things related to what I want out of a program..."

"...I would certainly recommend John to anyone who is interested in taking up training..."

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" FHS' Pro Package - The Ultimate Introduction to Personal Training. Everything you need to strip body fat, boost your metabolism and improve performance. We are so confident of our methods that we are even offering a full money back guarantee!"

I am sick of hit and miss programmes that provide NO RESULTS, INCREASE THE RISK OF INJURY and provide NO MOTIVATION.

It is expensive to join a gym now-a-days. But can you honestly say you are genuinely getting the most from your health club and gym instructors? One of my clients said they had the same programme for 6 MONTHS at their health club!! No wonder people are walking away.

You feel lost as a number, sick to the back teeth of not having the attention that your member ship requires.

Believe you me - there are some great instructors out there. But where is their motivation to go beyond the call of duty, hunt you down and wonder how YOU are getting on with your goals. Unfortunately taking chlorine measurements and answering the phone have taken over their time.How can they find the time to expand their learning? It just doesn't happen.

There are several reasons why people are not getting the most out of their training:

  • Ineffective programme design: You are following the wrong programme! Perhaps you have become lost as another health club statistic. Do you know how fast the body adapts to workouts? As little as 6 exposures to the same workout will experience the 'plateau effect' = no results
  • Poor Nutritional Habits - How do we cut through the hype surrounding the latest diet and actually pick up good, healthy eating habits?
  • Poor Exercise Technique - work out safely and MORE EFFECTIVELY by adhering to good technique. We need supervision. After all you wouldn't go into a dentist and pull out your own teeth?
  • Lack of effective long and short term goal setting - What do we actually want out of healthy lifestyle?

Some give up. Some soldier on. Some seek help.

When someone hires me as a personal trainer they are getting the premium service. One to one treatment, exercise and lifestyle coaching maybe two to three times per week.

My problem is this - I want to help more people get results from their training. I want to help people towards their goals both in the long and short term. But there are only so many hours in the day!

Here is the answer - FHS' Pro Package™

Personal training services come at a cost to the few. Here is a chance to have your own trainer on hand to guide you every step of the way towards your goals.

Finally you will have the opportunity to use methods and secrets used by trainers. The Pro Package™ will provide you with as many programmes as you like all individually tailored towards your needs. Whether you need one, two, three or ten sessions mapped out for you the Pro Performance Package will guide you every step of the way.

All programmes from the Pro Package™ come in Excel Format and are easily downloadable. If you do not have access to a computer we can mail them direct to your door. They are easy to follow and geared towards your individual concerns and needs. You maybe a busy executive or housebound with only 30 minutes to give to working out. This is NOT a one size fits all plan!

One to One Exercise Coaching - Personal Training from the comfort of your own home.

Once a month you will receive, from the comfort of your own home a personal training session. Our Pro Package programmes are challenging and fun! We believe it is important that you gain maximum benefit out of your training using methods that work. Each Pro Package session is a lesson in how to lift weights safely, what cardio works and what doesn't, how to recover and much much more. You will be able to tap into extensive training experience. Be confident that you will be able to take away this knowledge to use by yourself.

Each week you will receive a Pro Package phone coaching session.

A phone coaching session will provide you with the opportunity to ask your trainer any questions regarding training and nutrition, motivation or goal setting. The trainer will provide any up-to date and cutting edge information that may be of interest to the client. Other topics such as low carb diets, low fat, sporting programmes, cooking tips will also be discussed. Think of it as your own, exclusive, private seminar with the trainer.


"My goal has been to lose weight and reduce blood pressure and I have been going to John for training twice weekly. Over the months he has been monitoring my body fat and blood pressure and I am glad to say he has brought both of these under control through his workouts and constant programme changes. My blood pressure is now normal. He has also been able to alter my eating habits to a healthier way through constant supervision and nutritional guidelines.... the right methods are used to obtain maximum benefit...I would certainly recommend John to anyone who is interested in taking up training".

Daryn Zaidan, Owner, Camden Casket - Dublin

That is my new outlook on life. My lifestyle revolves around getting fit foremost and then work. This I do by going to the gym every day at 6.30am before I start work. I train with John three days a week and he sets my schedule of work for the days in between. He manages my goals very carefully and certainly has been an inspiration to me enabling me to look forward with enthusiasm to the New Year and what I may be able to accomplish then.


Oisin Fanning, CEO, Smart Telecom - Dublin


"Personal training where personal is the active word - you really know you are receiving a programme tailored just to you! John's approach to training is extremely professional and based on the newest techniques and study, but his fun sessions are far from the classroom! A great experience that I would recommend to anyone fit or failing!!"

Wendy Thompson, Managing Director, Accident and Risk Management Solutions - Dublin

As many Programmes as you like + Phone Coaching sessions + One In- Home Personal Training Session per Month!

What's more take advantage of these FREE Bonuses with the Pro Package

Bonus #1 FREE Training Diary (Worth €10.97)

Record all your information in this convienient 12 Week diary. A training diary will be one of the soundest investments you will make in your training. Never take a step backward. With the Pro Performance Package™ this is FREE.


Bonus #2 FREE 20 Top Tips to Boost Nutrition ( Worth €10.97)

Look at how top personal trainers use these tools to get the nutritional results you are after with this free information pack.


Bonus #3 FREE Subscription to FHS' Newsletter ( Worth €47)

Each week you will receive FHS' Newsletter packed full of tips of diet, training, motivation. IT will feature an article on relevant topics such as the Low Carb Debate, Sports Conditioning and Youth Training.


Bonus #4 FREE Audio CD Fundamentals of Exercise and Diet (Worth €19.97)

This CD at over an hour in length will guide you through the basics of exercise and diet. It teaches you how you can get the most out of your workouts and effectively explains why. It shows you how to eat effectively no matter what your goal. Listen to it in the car, at home on the train. This is a seminar pre-recorded and given to you on CD format for your enjoyment!

Here is the Best Bit

Hiring your own personal trainer can be costly. Hourly rates can be anywhere from €50-70 per hour. Multiply this by the number of sessions you take per week and this soon adds up.However, we are setting the price at a reasonable investment of €47 per month!

Why not take advantage of our Pro Package tiered format that offers an even more economical route to take. Just check out the table below.

Remember you will receive one personal trainer session a month, an UNLIMITED amount of individualised programmes sent directly to you, and phone coaching sessions weekly. What's more take advantage of our FREE bonuses.

This is the perfect introduction to training with a personal trainer.


We are confident that, along with your determination, you will succeed with the Pro Package™. To this end we are offering a FULL MONTH GUARANTEE. If for some reason you are unhappy with your results then we will be more than happy to offer you a full money back refund. There really is no risk with the package.




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